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Timely, efficient bookkeeping services are available for businesses of all sizes. Computerized accounts are prepared, saved and presented for client review on a quarterly, monthly, and/or annual basis. Budgeting and forecasting support are also available. We support all major accounting programs including Quickbooks and Peachtree.

Intelesoft Financials delivers outsourced bookkeeping services, controllership services, and organizational support to small and medium sized businesses. This helps you to focus on your business operations while we operate as a team extensions.

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Bookkeeping is the foundation of each business. It doesn't matter what your business does in its core operations; you need to have a strong process to keep everything in restraint. Bookkeeping is the first stage in the accounting process and certainly the most important one. A bookkeeper must collect all financial data-from sales to salaries-and convert them into extremely simple-to-read reports that are ready for the upcoming review.  There are numbers of benefits to having a decent bookkeeper, and with all the changes happening within the financial world, every business will want to have a quality bookkeeper. It is very important to understand the cash flow to understand the expnense of every penny very well. It is not to mention that reliable resources would guarantee that you do not get in trouble with any government agencies due to the errors in your coverage.

1. Comprehensive Reporting :- A careful, committed bookkeeper will always maintain accurate records up to date. This complete recording will not only help you in monitoring your financial information, but will also be of extremely helpful once you need your financial information — or once your business is audited — as this procedure is much quicker and much affordable.

2. Always stick to the rule :- An excellent accountant will always follow the latest specific laws and will always ensure that any recent changes to your accounts and books are up to date. Because the bookkeeper keeps himself or herself fully responsible for any work that they do, you can count on them to resolve any errors. 

3. Planning is simple and easy :- If you have a detailed record and a better account overview, planning and future forecasting is much easier. You can resolve problems quickly if you are confident in your data and take any opportunities without fear of miscalculation in the information you have accessed. Thanks to the summary of profit and loss trends in your account, you can know precisely what to do and how long to do it.

4. Tracking swiftly :- While you have to wait until the accountant completes the accounts before the official accounts are finalized, you always have an updated balance sheet to find out the current account status. Such data can be given to anyone interested, giving you additional confidence both in your managerial work and in the health of your business in general.

5. Better financial and investor ties :- That confidence in your investors and shareholders would certainly boost your business ties. Therefore, once they see your company's growth, banks will be more prepared to give you more affordable loans. Whenever an investor is interested in your company's finances, you can present the latest informative sheets and explain how efficient a company is.

6. Improved tax forecast :- Although IRS needs the company's official financial statements for tax purposes, if you have access to comprehensive balance sheets over time, you will be able to predict the result more accurately. It will help you to  be more comfortable in the price you pay at the end of the fiscal year, keeping an eye on developments in your company's market.

7. Time to respond quickly :- If you have information about the status of your accounts, You can react quickly to any changes to the market or to your company in real time. It will help you to understand the scope of your resources and present expenditure, giving you the right insight: is it the right time to take action?

8. Trouble free Audits:- It is much easier and faster to make the financial statements if you have a better model of data collection. You would have much easier time to perform an audit than you would if your accounts are complicated, disordered, and even somewhat obsolete.

What is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is the process by which a company records financial transactions. All receipts, purchase history, revenue reports, and other documentation are used for reporting, tracking, preserving and recovering essential business financial information. This task is usually handled as part of the company 's entire accounting process by a bookkeeper. A bookkeeper records the company's everyday business transactions in a general ledger and keeps financial records balanced everyday. The bookkeeping method may be done manually or electronically, in one entry or two entries system.


What types of bookkeeping services are there?

Bookkeepers provide a range of services to help you manage and evaluate financial records of your business. These services range from relatively simple work to more complicated full bookkeeping services like payroll handling and sales taxes, such as balance of your accounts. You might need a task and service combination, or just one. For your special help "Intelesoft Financials" can assist you in finding the right expert.

* Remote or virtual bookkeeping:- Our bookkeepers are able to work with you at your convenience via the computer from anywhere in the country.

* Bank Reconcialation :- Our bookkeeper can help you reconcile your books and balance them, particularly if there is a mistake or a discrepancy.

 *Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable:- Find out who you owe money to, and who owes money to you. A bookkeeper will help you balance assets and liabilities, figuring out customer invoicing and invoices you owe to others.

* Full charge bookkeeping:- Full charge bookkeepers can manage the payroll, handle deposits and generate monthly financial statements for your company. This special service goes beyond the bookkeeping framework and there should be a need for specialized full-time bookkeepers.

* Loan qualification:- Properly created financial statements assist you and your business qualify for the loans you need. Having Structured books can make your  business suitable in the eyes of financial institutions, so it becomes easier to locate key documents when it's time to apply.

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